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Creating an account

To get started, click on the REGISTER button. Once you are done filling the form ,Then just login and enter your phone number in a space you will be provided,then submit.Just buy SMS credit to your account and start sending your customized sms.

Sending SMS

To Send sms, simply click on "compose sms" from the left menu. Sender ID = THE NAME U WISH TO SEND SMS WITH,(must be eleven character) e.g "UNILORIN" Recipients = PHONE NUMBERS U WISH TO SEND SMS TO, e.g 08173191359

Purchasing More Sms Units

To buy more sms units, simply click on the 'Buy Sms' link in your account and use the sms unit calculator. Once you're done, click on the 'Submit' button to receive further instructions via your mail and your mobile.

You can also call CUSTOMER REP on 08030947468 to buy our sms recharge voucher.

...a trial will surely convince you

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